3 Stars Tek



  • Provide consultancy for enterprises interested in setting up their own Contact Center, assisting in the improvement of processes, products and personnel within their business with the best European technology “dialapplet.com
  • Provide consultancy for enterprises interested in implementing their Cloud Telephone Exchange and CRM with “contactek.com” technology.
  • U.S. sales and service of the best European specialized Contact Center administration software “www.dialapplet.com”. If you deal in Telemarketing, Surveys, Customer Service or any other enterprise that requires telephone or omnichannel communication, we are your technological solution. We will furnish the most accurate and complete reports in real time, which will provide you with greater control over your campaigns and the growth of your enterprise. DialApplet has redundant servers in various parts of the U.S.A. which allows us to guarantee the best service.

  • Exclusive sales and service in the U.S. and Peru of “CRM ContacTEK Soft”, designed for small and large enterprises, regardless of the number of your personnel. We provide Cloud Telephone Exchange service together with a potent CRM system that enables the assignment of tasks to different enterprise areas, custom designed customer service forms, as well as customer service queues. We also provide Web appointment scheduling and an App for off premise field reps with GPS localization.

  • And if your enterprise requires both products, we are now integrated to work together, with all the benefits of the best European software and ContacTEK !