3 Stars Tek

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3StarsTek is backed by more than 15 years of experience in the Contact Center industry. We have been exclusive representatives in Peru of DialApplet software and are now providing our best products and services in the United States.

En 3StarsTek hacemos lo imposible, posible...

At 3StarsTek we make the impossible, possible...


To provide complete consulting services as it pertains to the four essential components for the optimum performance of your business or contact center: personnel, products, processes and technology. Based on our experience, we will assist you in the decision-making process regarding the products you sell, the services you provide and the type of cost-effective initial implementation your business will need in order to achieve maximum efficiency. We will then assist you in improving your processes to achieve the most efficient use of your resources and enable the best performance of your personnel.


Achieve recognition in this industry, based on providing the best service and offering the most innovative technologies.