3 Stars Tek

We are manufacturers and providers of  high performance technology to enrich the experiences and relationships with your customers, leads, users and respondents. We created a platform of intelligent omnichannel solutions for the telesales / telemarketing, help desk, collection and market research sectors.

Europe: Spain, Holland, Italy, France and Croatia.

America: United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Peru and Argentina

Africa: Morocco, Nigeria and Ghana


A completely flexible proprietary software that adapts to the needs of any type of Call Center. We have solutions in Buy, Rent or Cloud.

Wide variety of functionalities that allow the customization of the tool to the different types of business (Collection, Telemarketing, Customer Service, etc.)

An intuitive and simple tool that facilitates the development of activities for its users.

An “all in one” solution that allows you to grow in all the software components of your organization.


Continents where we are present
Year we started with CX solutions
Datacenter: Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, USA, Brazil and Chile.